Maker of Pasajero Sosyal Jeepneys


Passenger jeepneys are the most common and popular motor vehicle utilized for commercial and private use in the country. Its design had been modified by Filipino craftsmen in order to adapt to local terrain and condition. These jeepneys belong to the category of Asian utility vehicle that roam the streets of Iloilo, Roxas, Aklan, Antique, including the neighboring island of Cebu, Negros and Mindanao. These jeepneys are proudly manufactured by MIAG–AO CAR CARE SERVICES (Maker of Pasajero Sosyal).

In 1992 Miag-ao Car Care Services started accepting repairs of any type of vehicle in Brgy. Mambatad, Miag-ao, Iloilo as their first service center area. Their services include engine tune-up, general overhauling, general body repair, painting, electrical system rewiring, brake and steering maintenance. With passenger jeepneys as their main client the service center grew and ventured into manufacturing passenger jeepneys.

Because of the manufacturing business; the company had to look for suppliers outside of Iloilo. While looking for engine in Cebu, a tricycle with a name “Pasajero Sosyal” on it caught the attention of the owner and thought it would be appropriate for his new business in Iloilo.

Pasajero Sosyal Jeepney started with a 9 seater one unit plying the route Oton-Iloilo and vice versa. With a 4DR5 engines and boxed-type assembled body, it diverted the attention of the riding public’s from the extremely over decorated jeepneys that roam the streets of Iloilo on that time.

With its simple design, elegant color palette and Japan Surplus Under chassis, the riders came to consider not only the riding comfort but safety as well. These factors contributed largely to units selling like hotcakes in the transportation industry not to mention the sensationalized “Pasajero Sosyal” label of the jeep which in the local dialect means “classy passenger”. The name Pasajero Sosyal was so attractive that buyers of the units would really insist on putting the name on their units, and so it became the company’s trademark.

Sales were reaching new heights and a need for larger space and working area became eminent. The company decided to put up a branch in Sta. Barbara, with a 1,100 sq.m working area. It was the company’s intention of putting up a display area with units readily available for walk-in clients, but the manufacturing process of the unit and the lack of additional contractors would not allow for the company to assemble extra units aside from the made to order units.